43rd Annual Knights of Columbus

Registration Form

Sunday, April 29, 2018 - 12:00 Noon

To register for the 43rd annual Germanfest Fun Run,
please print this form and return it to:
Germanfest Fun Run
P.O. Box 247 Muenster, TX 76252
$28 per runner - Online discounts DO NOT APPLY to Mailed Entries
PLEASE PRINT: Use a separate form for each person
              Last Name                    First                 M.I.

         Sex: M____  F____ Date of Birth:__________________ Age____________

                                                         (as of 4/29/18)

              City                         State                    Zip
         Email:_______________________ Day Phone:__________________________

         Proposed Distance: 5K___ 15K___  T-Shirt Size: S___M___ L___ XL___

Packet Pickup Location: Lora's___ Race Day___

Waiver of Claim (Must Be Signed): In consideration of acceptance of this entry, I, the 
undersigned, assume full and complete responsibility for any injury, illness, or accident which may occur 
during my participation in the Germanfest Fun Run or while I am on the premises of this 
event; and I hereby release and hold harmless the sponsors, promoters and all other persons and entities 
associated with this event from any injury or damage, whether it be caused by negligence of the sponsors 
or promoters or persons or entities associated with this event.  Further, I grant full permission to use my 
photographs, videotapes, or recordings of this event for any legitimate purpose.  All runners under 14 years 
of age must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

           Signature of runner

           Signature of parent if under 18